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What is Oracy Association Inc.?
Who can use it's services?
Why have an ORACY assessment?
What does an ORACY assessment involve?
What syllabuses do you offer?
Where are the assessments held?
Who is the assessor?
What are the outcomes?
What are the levels of achievement?

aussie map graphic What is Oracy Association Inc.?


ORACY Australia Association Inc. is a non-profit making organisation which was formed to promote and assess oral communication skills at all levels and for all ages.

English Speaking Board Western Australian Association Inc. (now named  ORACY Australia Association Inc.) was established in Perth, Western Australia in 1969. It grew from a belief in the value of personal relationships: a belief that these relationships could only develop through effective speaking and active listening.

The emphasis is very much on spoken English as a practical and enjoyable life skill and that effective oral communication is fundamental to the whole person.

The focus at the assessment is on the student both as an effective speaker and as an active listener, sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas with others.

The series of Primary and Secondary assessments is intended to complement and work naturally within the Curriculum Framework (Western Australia).

The Drama Assessments complement the Year 11 and Year 12 Drama Courses (Western Australia).

The Board:

The Executive Board of the ORACY Australia Association Inc. consists of a six-member honorary board, nominated and elected from the ORACY membership. The appointment of the assessors is made through the invitation of this board.

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aussie map graphic Who can use its services?

Anybody. ORACY assessments are open to all who value oral communication as a life skill.
Each year over 3,000 students are given the opportunity to develop their oral communication skills. The assessments are held in Government Schools, Independent Schools, Catholic Schools and private centres, from Kununurra in the north to Esperance in the south.

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aussie map graphic Why have an ORACY Assessment?

An ORACY assessment is structured to generate confidence and clarity in oral communication, enabling the students to experience success in a situation in which they are in charge.
It will help them:

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aussie map graphic What does an ORACY assessment involve?

An ORACY assessment is designed in such a way that the speaker is in authority and there is a listening and participating group. No situation is contrived and questions will arise from immediate issues and come from genuine enquiry.
The series focuses on presentational skills, with the emphasis on practical oral communication within the context of participating, responding within the group and appreciating language and literature.
There are 4 Sections to most of the assessments:

Section 1: Oral Presentation
Section 2: Reading Aloud
Section 3: Memorised Oral Interpretation of Literature or Improvisation
Section 4: Listen and Respond / Discussion

The timing for each assessment is:

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aussie map graphic What syllabuses do you offer?

  • Oral English Assessments


  • English as a Second Language Assessments


  • Drama Assessments

    YEAR 7 - YEAR 12

  • Religious Education Assessments


  • Adult / Vocational Assessments


  • Instructor of Oral English Certificate


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aussie map graphic Where are the Assessments held?

ORACY assessors will visit your centre at a mutually convenient time throughout the year subject to reasonable notice being given to the administrator. With this arrangement the speakers are assessed with their own peer listening group and have ready access to their own equipment.

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aussie map graphic Who is the Assessor?

The assessors, who are selected by the Executive Board from members of the community, have wide experience in the various aspects of English teaching and have gained recognition in the fields of oral communication.
The assessors listen with sincere interest, ask questions from genuine enquiry and demonstrate:

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aussie mapWhat are the outcomes?

The student will:

The end result is not just about passing an assessment but is the acquiring of a life skill, which may unlock the door to the future.

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aussie mapWhat are the Levels of Achievement?

Each grade has its own criteria for each section. The student may achieve a Satisfactory, High, Very High or Outstanding level for each section. The final result is the aggregate of the sections with Section 1 carrying double weighting. Each of the other sections carries equal weighting.

A candidate may be marked Not Demonstrated on one section and still achieve an overall Satisfactory.

The syllabus will give more information related to the levels of achievement.

Each candidate receives an individual report and a certificate stating the result.

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